Do you do commissions?

YES!!! I love doing commission and custom pieces for collectors.

What is your process for Commissions?

  • First contact me here. Include what type of piece you would like to have done (dimensions, use, color palette, ect.), when you would like the piece completed by, and any other information you think I need to know.

  • I will get you a quote for the piece, including shipping if necessary.

  • I then create 2-3 options for you to choose from. I do this because fluid art is very unpredictable and there are so many ways a piece can turn out. This way you will find the piece that feels right.

Do you charge a commission fee?

Yes, because I am creating multiple pieces for you to choose from I do charge a $25 flat fee for each commission.

Do you have a Brick & Morter location?

Currently I do not, all of my pieces are created in my home studio in Chaska, Minnesota. I do sell some items online, but the best way to see me and my art is at in-person Artisan Markets and Fairs.

How is your art made?

All of my pieces are created using alcohol ink and sometimes other art mediums. I paint on white, non-porous surfaces. I drop the ink on the surface, use isopropyl alcohol to free it up and then use air to manipulate it. All pieces are triple coat sealed and UV protected. Centerpieces, tiles and coasters are sealed with UV protected resin that is food safe and heat safe up to 300 degrees.

What is your background?

I am an Art Director by day and an artist the rest of the time! I have been a maker my entire life. My mom is an artist, we started doing craft shows when I was in college selling jewelry. I went to school for graphic design and photography, so it was always a natural fit to be making and creating. I started exploring fluid art the summer of 2018 and eventually fell in love with alcohol inks. My favorite part about this medium is that each piece is completely unique and I can create functional art, which I am very passionate about.